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What is DevelopEx2016?

DevelopEX2016 is the major technology conference dedicated to the Israeli electronic systems and PC board's engineers. DevelopEX2016 was specifically created for industry professionals involved with the design and development of the latest electronics systems and addresses their design and development challenges.


Why to exhibit?

DevelopEX2016 is the most professional event for the board and system design professionals in Israel. These professionals are coming to DevelopEX2016 to learn about the latest technologies and developments in their industry. Therefore, DevelopEX2016 represents a unique opportunity for industry vendors to meet their target audience and introduce the latest tools and services that will allow them to design, develop and manufacture their next generation products in the most efficient and cost effective ways. 


Who will attend?

DevelopEX2016 is specifically designed for the board and system level design community including:

·         R&D engineers

·         Design engineers

·         Board designers

·         System architects

·         Program managers

·         Team leaders

·         Engineering managers

·         VP Engineering/CTOs/CEOs

·         Technical experts

·         Test and measurement engineers

·         Embedded systems programmers

·         Purchasing managers

·         Project mangers

·         QA managers

·         And many more


Main topics

CAD/CAM Tools |  The Latest in RF & Analog Design | PLM Solutions | Testing and Measurements |PCB Test  Methodologies |High Speed Communication Challenges  |  Power  Optimization |  MEMs & Sensors  |  Microcontrollers  & Micro Processors   | Memories and Storage Devices  |  Electro Optics Solutions  |  Data Security Considerations| FPGA & Prototyping  |  Advanced Systems Integration  |   Multi Media Systems |  Innovative  User Interface & Connectivity |  Signal integrity on board level  |  Virtualization | Embedded OS Platforms  |IOT devices and systems

Exhibiting in DevelopEX2016

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